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It comes to earth, removes its robe, and bathes in the water. If you hide its robe, it follows you home; if you care for it, it loves you; and as long as you keep its robe, it will never leave you. Abigail remembers this story and dares to believe it could be true.

USA/Hong Kong | 2013 | English | 80 minutes

Starring: Amanda Plummer, Tetsuo Kuramochi, Will Patton, and Burt Young

"Director Lee Isaac Chung does a masterful job updating the Korean folktale The Woodsman and the Nymph. The piece is a revelation for those who recall Plummer as Yolanda, the profane restaurant robber, in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction." -The Bay Area Reporter

"Chung daringly ventures into the realm of spiritual fantasy...[Amanda Plummer's] could be the finest performance of the year." -Filmmaker Magazine

"[Amanda Plummer] exudes more emotion in a wistful sideways glance than most actresses do over their entire careers...Mutual silences allows the viewer to meditate about what affection truly is-questions that would've otherwise been spelled out (and answered) by a less thoughtful director." -The Village Voice

"Chung's approach is masterful...A sense of originality, a daring and organic playfulness rarely found in American indie cinema." -Slant Magazine

Director and Cinematographer: Lee Isaac Chung
Writers: by Samuel Gray Anderson and Lee Isaac Chung
Producers: Eugene Suen, Samuel Gray Anderson, and Pablo Thomas
Sound: Greg Sextro
Composer: Bryan Senti
Production Designer: Valerie Chu
Art Director: Steve Chen

Busan International Film Festival
Torino Film Festival
San Diego Asian Pacific Film Festival Spring Showcase
Cinemonde Lille Independent Film Festival
Los Angeles VC Asian Pacific American Film Festival - Best Film and Best Director